Basket Weaving With an Eco Twist

Woven recycled newspapers

While browsing Craft Focus magazine a couple of weeks ago I spotted an ad for Tutki that caught my attention — the lady in the picture was weaving jewellery and baskets from recycled magazines, just like the fairtrade recycled magazine products I was familiar with! But, the Tutki weaving kits are made in Poland by a social enterprise that works with groups of disadvantaged people.

The Tutki kits are marketed as:
Eco — made from 100% recycled coloured newspapers
Social — manufactured by socially disadvantaged people in Poland
DIY — encourages creativity and development
Zen — lets you take time out from the hustle and bustle of daily life for some ‘me’ time and return to traditional crafts involving working with your hands

I loved the ethics behind this company, so immediately ordered a couple of kits from Poland. A week later the kits arrive and they are fab (below is my effort at making the pen pot), really relaxing to make (once you figure out the pattern), and you end up with something both useful and decorative. They use traditional willow weaving techniques, so once you’ve learnt the skill, it’s transferable to other media. Included are enough newspaper rolls to make the project plus instructions in both Polish and English.

weaving base of the pot
Weaving the pot base: Instructions are in both English and Polish, with clear pictures to help you learn the weaving technique
Finished basket woven from recycled newspaper rolls
The finished basket!

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